Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Joe & Vicki Price

Joe & Vicki Price

9th Annual Blues Album Winner
9th Annual Blues Album Vox Pop Winner

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Genre: Blues


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ALBUM NOMINATED SONG IS ON: We are nominated for best Blues CD, Rain or Shine



WHERE WAS SONG RECORDED? Wow and Flutter Studios (owned by Joe McMahan) in Nashville, Tennessee.


WHAT’S THE SONG “HORNET’S NEST” ABOUT? This was inspired when Joe found himself surrounded by hornets while working in our shed.

WHY DID YOU SUBMIT THIS ALBUM TO THE IMAs? We sent the album because Betsie Brown of Blind Raccoon Promotions in Memphis recommended we send it.

WHAT UNUSUAL INSTRUMENTS OR TECHNIQUES DID YOU USE ON THIS ALBUM? We used 2″ tape and old microphones for a warmer old time feel. Also the album is 1/2 instrumentals.

DID FANS HELP FUND THIS PROJECT? They support every project by buying out music, then we save the money and use it for out next project.

WHO IS SITTING IN YOUR AUDIENCE: It is really diverse. We live in a rural area where young and old party together at small bars. We play everywhere from festivals and sit down concerts with an older crowd, to club in cities that host three or four bands a night for the young crowds. We love it all.

WHAT MAKES YOUR FANS UNIQUE? They will dance to a duo; they are just going to have fun.

WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE PLACES TO PLAY? If we are playing we are having fun, but nothing beats the neighborhood clubs.

WHAT HAS BEEN THE BAND’S MOST MEMORABLE ACHIEVEMENT TO DATE? Besides being blown away by the IMA nomination, Joe was inducted into both the Iowa Blues Hall of Fame and the Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We have also been endorsed by the National Guitar Company and appear in their catalogue. This was a huge honor, since their guitars are our favorite instruments.

WHAT’S IN THE WORKS FOR 2010? We are working on writing tunes for a new release and hope to be in the studio sometime this coming fall.

FINISH THIS SENTENCE: THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS… ..The biggest challenge in your career, best to be avoided when possible. If you wait for the music industry to “discover you” and make your career, you can be waiting forever. Just go out and do it yourself.

WHAT IS YOUR DEFINITION OF SUCCESS? To still be making a living playing music after 40+ years. We have never had a label, a manager or a booking agent and have still manage to make music our living. Joe never gave in to getting a straight job and because of that determination, he always found a way to make money playing his guitar.

WHAT’S ON YOUR IPOD THAT WOULD SURPRISE YOUR FANS? Django Rienhardt, the gypsy Jazz guitar God.

NAME SOME ARTISTS YOU ARE CHAMPIONING: We have some really fine young musicians in Iowa that excite us. William Elliot Whitmore (Southern Iowa), Matt Woods (Des Moines, IA) and Dustin Busch (Iowa City, IA)


28 Responses to “Joe & Vicki Price”
  1. Pamela Hitchcock says:

    I think Joe and Vickie are the best ever.They are also great friends of mine. Love u guys

  2. Gary Eckhart says:

    I write for Blue Monday Monthly a little Blues rag from S.E. Minnesota. Joe and Vicki Price have been part of my life for quite some time now and i am a better person for having knowing them, musically and spiritually. You get the best of both worlds with these two. They are truly a national treasure.

  3. P.J. Harrington says:

    Joe & Vicki Price – True roots blues musicians – Great Music, Great People, Great Times

  4. Once in a very great while you come across a magical combination of a very old soul,talent of the highest order,and the spirit and energy to pursue perfection.This combination is met in Mr Joe Price.The joy in his music is infectious,his recordings are superb,his live shows are legendary.When you have the chance to check him out see if you dont agree,pure blues magic.

  5. Tom Dorsey says:

    I’m looking forward to see both of you at Byron’s in a few weeks. Congratulations on the nomination. I hope this year is especially good to you.

  6. Erich C. Morris says:

    Hooray for Joe Price!!!!

  7. Erich Morris says:

    Joe & Vicki are a gift that keeps on giving. We love you-Horay for Joe & Vicki Price

  8. Tim Davis says:

    Joe and Vicki are the real deal – keepin’ the Blues alive as it’s been done throughout America’s history. It’s so great to hear their fine work, showing how it’s done!

  9. Mason says:

    I first heard Joe on A Prairie Home Companion and have only had the pleasure of listening to his music for a couple of years now. It is getting more and more difficult to find that “old sound” on the radio anymore. Its nostalgic, cool, and just feels good!

  10. Billy Rose says:

    I’ve been listening to Joe Price since his music was available only on cassette tape. Joe and Vicki are two of the most talented musicians and two of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. So go out and clap your hands and shuffle your feet when they play on your favorite street.

  11. Jill Zimmerman says:

    I have had the pleasure of meeting and listening to Joe and Vicki’s music in central Minn. Congradulations! you guys are the best!

  12. Danny,Linda, Charli says:

    Joe & Vicki not only sing the blues, they just keep out performing themselves every time we’ve listened to them, they ARE truly the BLUES!!!!

  13. Lynne says:

    I’ve known Joe and Vicki about 12 years or so now, and try not to miss any of their shows in our area. I’ve hired them to play at our Hambone Blues Jam Music Festival often in nine years. Each time someone new tells me they were the highlight of the show. They’re brilliant musicians and writers, and genuinely great people. I feel very fortunate to have their friendship and to hear their beautiful music.

  14. Lynne says:

    Congratulations Joe and Vicki! You are so hard working, and this is so much deserved.
    Thank you for the incredible show at Oak Center, and for keeping us tapping our feet!
    We love you!

  15. Gary Juday says:

    Joe and Vicki are absolutely the best. They need a shot on Jay Leno or something where the entire world could have a chance to hear and appreciate their music. God knows he has paid his dues!

  16. Bill Kurtz says:

    If Joe and Vicky are playing ANYWHERE near you DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW.
    Joe is one of the best pickers in the country.

  17. Greg M. Thury says:

    these cats play at tom’s burned down cafe on madeline island every summer, and it’s one of the best parts of living up here. can’t stop my foot from pounding, not tapping, POUNDING, every time I hear em.

  18. East Side Slim says:

    Vote for Joe and Vicki for one reason, and one reason only – they deserve it! You’re the best Joe (and as Vicki is his better half, that makes her even better)

  19. Kathy Williams says:

    Congratulations Joe and Vicki! What an honor. Always enjoy your shows.
    My feet start tapping when I think of you and your music. Wishing you the best.

  20. Dave says:

    Don’t miss these folks if they come to your area….

  21. Lorie says:

    Great people!!

  22. Jeff "Captain" Morgan says:

    Joe and Vicky Price have tapped the source. I only hope they left me a little. They are a seamless duo, each complimenting the other with rhythm and rhyme. I have followed Joe Price for years, dragging my washboard along from time-to-time when he was less lucky. To try to follow Joe stomping out lightning-quick changes of rhythms and
    moving from a slow blues to a double-time boogie to a jazz progression – sometimes all in one song, is to revel in the struggle and greatness of man. Wow! What a Sound!

  23. Tessa Young says:

    Comfortable, down-home, fresh. An incredible combination of blues and atmosphere. So happy to have this at our fingertips….Compliments any dinner, yard chore or road trip….

  24. Jacoby says:

    I remember Vicki sitting down in a both with me, instantly sriking up one the best impromptu life-changing conversations I’ve ever had. A few minutes later, she got up picked up a guitar and she and Joe let it rip- the room suddenly erupted in to dancing, clapping and shouting- it was magic.

  25. Stan Furlong says:

    Keep it up Joe & Vicki. I can’t wait till you come back to the Quads.

  26. Frances Voss says:

    Joe and Vicki are the greatest together. I love their type of music and guitar playing. Wish they were closer or my husband was more adventurous. HA! Good luck on all your ventures.

  27. Sandy Dyas says:

    Joe & Vickie – there are no blues players as rockin’ and real as they are.
    Joe stompin, playing his slide and Vicki strumming, singing with her heart and soul.
    They are the best.

  28. Andrew Bakken says:

    Joe and Vicki are awesome! The live shows are pure energy, entertainment and fun. Joe played at our wedding in 1998 and blew away the crowd – young and old! Hooray For Joe and Vicki! You guys rock!!

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