Monday, February 8, 2016

Atlas Soul

12th Annual Funk/Fusion/Jam Song Vox Pop Winner
12th Annual World EP Vox Pop Winner
7th Annual World Fusion Song Finalist
6th Annual World Fusion Song Finalist
3rd Annual World Song Winner

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World EP
Funk/Fusion/Jam Song

Record Label: Self-Released

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3 Responses to “Atlas Soul”
  1. Flavio Portugal says:

    Guy..I have no words to put…I gonna say tha this band have a lot a soul, magical in some ways…the mix with middle east and north africa culture is something very unusual…very strong singers and powerful instrumental…high level of musicianship.
    my 2 cents…

  2. anita duc says:

    I enjoy listening to Atlas Soul anytime anyday. I always feel transported in the real authentic multicultural world that defiinitey corresponds to many things to me and to many of us. I concretely wish Atlas Soul wins the 2013 Independant Music Award. GOOD LUCK TO ATLAS SOUL & ALL THE BEST TO EVERY MEMBER OF THE GROUP.
    Anita Duc/Nizard- Grenoble France.

  3. Pier says:

    The more you listen to Atlas Soul the more you love them. The music makes you high, beyond exotic beat and melodies, there is the languid repetition, the arabic chant, … WTF, before you know it you are captured in travel! Great musicianship, great vocals, great soul. Thank you Atlas Soul for sharing so much beaty and feeling. Wish you much success.

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