Saturday, February 6, 2016

John Pfeiffer

John Pfeiffer

Award winning journalist John Pfeiffer is a name that has been associated with the music industry for quite some time, beginning in 1980s with his role as guitarist in the New Jersey group In Between Dreams and continuing later on with Well Of Souls, two bands that were hailed as “best original group” by NJ Monthly magazine as well as both being included in the book; “Beyond The Palace,” a comprehensive look at the famous Asbury Park music scene by music journalist Gary Wien.

John Pfeiffer has also logged studio time with Mercury Records, Doro Pesch, Elliot Easton (The Cars) and Earl Slick (David Bowie) as well as taking the producer chair for the debut album of AMA nominee Christian Beach in 2007. This year has also seen Pfeiffer returning to his role as guitarist in Nashville, Tennessee for Aspirion Records artist Jimmy White and his new album, “Chasing The Wind.”

John’s current role as Shoreworld columnist for The Aquarian Arts Weekly has brought revivalist feel back to original music in New Jersey and resulted in his nomination for “Best Journalist in support of live music” in 2006 and Winner of that award in 2007. John Pfeiffer also has a central role in the Saint Presents with his weekly online column; “Life With Fife” covering both local and national acts.


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  1. Jaime says:

    I knew John when he was playin @ the game room, chatterbox,Baby os…n others…some my b wrong but some may b right…those days were a blurrr….forepplay….Vinnie Diconzi n now I can’t remember the drummer’s name….big dude….GREAT JOB JOHN…


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