Thursday, April 24, 2014

12th Annual Independent Music Awards

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Album Nominees : 12th Annual Independent Music Awards

Tribute Album

Don Campbell - ME/TN, USA

  Heart Hotels
spaceAlbum: Kites To Fly: Celebrating The Music of Dan Fogelberg
spaceRecord Label: Playbutton Records

Janice Whaley - CA, USA

spaceAlbum: The Smiths Project Box Set
spaceRecord Label: Self-Released

IMA Winner
Vox Pop Winner

Lou Pallo of Les Paul's Trio with Special Guests - NJ, USA

spaceAlbum: Thank You Les: A Tribute To Les Paul
spaceRecord Label: Showplace Music Productions

The Syndicate - Vienna, Austria

spaceAlbum: File Under Zawinul
spaceRecord Label: Hunnia Records

Various Artists: Minnesota Remembers Vic Chesnutt - MN, USA

  David Simonett - Gravity of the Situation
spaceAlbum: Minnesota Remembers Vic Chesnutt
spaceRecord Label: Rock the Cause