Saturday, April 19, 2014

12th Annual Independent Music Awards

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Song Nominees : 12th Annual Independent Music Awards


Homzy/Kesler Duo - ON, Canada

  VI Dragon's Dream
spaceAlbum: Dragon Suite
spaceRecord Label: Self-Released

Vox Pop Winner

Jenni Roditi - London, UK

spaceAlbum: Between the Octaves
spaceRecord Label: Self-Released

IMA Winner

Jorge Grundman - Madrid, Spain

  On Blondes and Detectives (performed by Brodsky Quartet)
spaceAlbum: Cliché Music for String Quartet
spaceRecord Label: Non Profit Music

Luke Gartner-Brereton - QLD, Australia

  Panini Fandango
spaceAlbum: Mucho Grande
spaceRecord Label: Self-Released

The Fretless - North America

  Box, Man/Iggy and Squiggy
spaceAlbum: Waterbound
spaceRecord Label: Self-Released