Saturday, April 19, 2014

12th Annual Independent Music Awards

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Song Nominees : 12th Annual Independent Music Awards

Spoken Word (with music accompaniment)

Fold - Leeds, UK

  Mr President, We're In Trouble (ft. Jimmy Carter)
spaceAlbum: Mr President, We're In Trouble (Single)
spaceRecord Label: Self-Released

Madiba2013 - MN, USA

  The Unknown Soldier
spaceAlbum: Madiba2013
spaceRecord Label: Self-Released

Mydera SpeakMeFree - PA, USA

  $10 For Your Baby
spaceAlbum: Confessions of a Caterpillar
spaceRecord Label: Self-Released

IMA Winner

Paris and the Hiltons - Leamington Spa, UK

  Quentin Will End Up Killing Himself
spaceAlbum: Reading Journals
spaceRecord Label: Portnoy Records

Vox Pop Winner

Sheila K Cameron (SKC) - Glasgow, UK

  Yesterday I Felt Two Inches Tall

spaceRecord Label: Self-Released