Friday, November 21, 2014

13th Annual Independent Music Awards

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Deadline to vote was July 18th, 2014

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Album Nominees : 13th Annual Independent Music Awards

Contemporary Classical

IMA Winner

Alejandro Escuer - Distrito Federal, Mexico

  Códigos Secretos
spaceAlbum: Flying: Music For Flute and Electronics
spaceRecord Label: Cero Records

Robert Barham - England, UK

  The Patience of Job
spaceAlbum: Cello and Harp
spaceRecord Label: Self-Released

Tony Chen - CA, USA

  At Ease
spaceAlbum: At Ease
spaceRecord Label: Self-Released

Trio Dinicu - CA, USA

  Hungarian Songs
spaceAlbum: Live In Los Angeles (feat. Tommy Davy)
spaceRecord Label: Hot Club Records

Vox Pop Winner

Various Artists - WA, USA

  Lonnie Mardis - El Espirito de la Cancion
spaceAlbum: Celebrate World Music!
spaceRecord Label: Burmer Music