Sunday, February 14, 2016

6th Annual Independent Music Awards

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Album Nominees : 6th Annual Independent Music Awards


AutoVaughn - TN, USA

  One More Time
spaceAlbum: Space

Bitter:Sweet - CA, USA

spaceAlbum: The Mating Game

Vox Pop Winner

David Mead - FL, USA

  Hard To Remember
spaceAlbum: Tangerine

Death Ships - MA, USA

  Symmetrical Smiles
spaceAlbum: Seeds Of Devastation

Marcos Hernandez - TX, USA

  Get Personal
spaceAlbum: C About Me

Molly Jenson - CA, USA

  Give It Time
spaceAlbum: Maybe Tomorrow

Shane Hines & The Trance - VA, USA

spaceAlbum: Zoe