Thursday, April 24, 2014

7th Annual Independent Music Awards

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Album Nominees : 7th Annual Independent Music Awards


Blueberry - NY, USA

spaceAlbum: Organika
spaceRecord Label: The Shaz Records

Miguel Migs - CA, USA

  So Far (featuring LT)
spaceAlbum: Those Things
spaceRecord Label: OM Records

Noiseshaper - CA, USA

  The Only Redeemer
spaceAlbum: Real To Reel
spaceRecord Label: Miracle Sounds Records

Torpedo Boyz - CA, USA

  Gimme A Bassline!!! (featuring Jason Murtagh)
spaceAlbum: Headache Music
spaceRecord Label: Sounds From The Roof

Vox Pop Winner

Wax Tailor - NY, USA

  The Way We Lived (featuring Sharon Jones)
spaceAlbum: Hope & Sorrow
spaceRecord Label: Decon