Thursday, April 24, 2014

9th Annual Independent Music Awards

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Album Nominees : 9th Annual Independent Music Awards

Children's Music

IMA Winner

Charlie Hope - CA, USA

  Frog Song
spaceAlbum: I'm Me! A Collection Of Songs For Children
spaceRecord Label: Little Maple Leaf Productions

Vox Pop Winner

Hans Mayer - WI, USA

spaceAlbum: It's Our World: The Green Album
spaceRecord Label: Myther Music

The Jimmies - NY, USA

  What's That Sound
spaceAlbum: Make Your Own Someday
spaceRecord Label: Pluckypea Records

The Kerplunks - BC, Canada

spaceAlbum: Walk On

Tom Glazer - PA, USA

  Jimmy Crack Corn (The Blue Tail Fly)
spaceAlbum: Honk-Hiss-Tweet-GGGGGGGGGG and Other Children's Favorites by Tom Glazer
spaceRecord Label: Smithsonian Folkways