Friday, April 18, 2014

9th Annual Independent Music Awards

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Song Nominees : 9th Annual Independent Music Awards

Used in Film/TV/Gaming/Multimedia

Brian Horn - CA, USA

  Halloweenie (from "The Ruins - Behind The Scenes")

Vox Pop Winner

Eduardo de la Iglesia - Spain

  Gods & Mortals
spaceAlbum: Score O Rama
spaceRecord Label: Blue Pie Productions

Streetlab - NY, USA

  NYSound (from "Entourage")
spaceAlbum: Streetlab - EP
spaceRecord Label: Del Ctrl / Media Music Inc.

IMA Winner

The Submarines - CA, USA

  You, Me and the Bourgeoisie (from the "Apple iPhone 3GS" Ad)
spaceAlbum: Honeysuckle Weeks
spaceRecord Label: Nettwerk

The Vanity Plan - FL, USA

  Before I Die (from "Madden NFL 10")
spaceAlbum: The Ignorant Are Sold